Lemon Bergamot Cedar - Spring 2023 Limited Edition Incense Sticks

It is not enough that yearly, down this hill,
Comes like an idiot, babbling and strewing flowers.
- Edna St. Vincent Millay

Trying to meet the season

It's possible that we get this quartlery urge to create something new, something that matches or mirrors our lives because of where we live. In Ontario, and more specifically Toronto, we experience 4 distinct seasons, each one bringing new smells and vibes. Since 2021 we have been releasing a seasonal fragrance incense sticks, taking the opportunity to experiment with new scents and try to find something that meets the season.

This is now our 3rd Spring seasonal and this time we made the bold decision to leave florals out of it.


Let's start with cedar

We decided to revisit Cedar as our woody base this year. The 2022 Spring fragrance was created using existing Flore oils we had on hand as weren't in a postition to aquire many new oils at that time. We had made many moves into new territory when developing our 2021 fragrances, so we were focusing on new arrangements with old familiars. We landed on a mix of Cedar, Lavender and Lemongrass. This is a pretty common trio and we thought it worked nicely. We liked it, but it wasn't all the way there.

Cedar definitely brought the woody quality we were looking for, so we decided to revisit it again this year and see what we could pair it with to hit that peak spring freshness we wanted.

Bergamot - naturally fresh

So this may be a bit out there, but sometime in the murky late days of 2019 (remember those days? Me neither!) I started having these intense vivid dreams and though the images and themes would slip away upon waking I would be left with the lingering smell of them. Fully placing all of the layers of the aroma has been an ongoing quest for me, but the one element that was unmistakable to me was Bergamot.

It became an obsession of mine and I started drenching myself in all things bergamot (not literally, for those of us who are sensitive it can be bad to apply the oil directly to your skin fyi). Every perfume, tea, treat that commonly uses bergamot, I wanted it. We reached out to our fragrance supplier for bergamot oil and have been tinkering with it ever since. The Spring 2023 fragrance is the first time we have actually used and released it as an incense stick. Don't expect it to be the last!

When life gives you lemons

Through conversations with a wholesale partner of ours we realized that we don't really have a true citrus in the line-up. We have Lemongrass, but as it's name suggests, it is actually a member of the grass family named for its citrusy scent. Though it does have a lemony freshness it is actually quite different from a true lemon fragrance.

Lemon oil has an adorable and apt nickname - liquid sunshine - and we couldn't agree more. Since we have brought this new oil into our shop it has just felt brighter, lighter and sunnier. We have been playing with it constantly since we got it.

We love it and we think you will, too. It's been such an inspiration to us that we are releasing a brand new Lemon-forward blend as a permenant member of our incense stick line-up.

Lemon - Bergamot - Cedar

I will own this - I did not want this to be our Spring 2023 incense fragrance. I felt like we were basically rehashing what we did last year, I didn't initially find it that compelling and we had another option that I was more favourable to.

Kristi really advocated for it, as she thought it was the best incense we'd made for Spring yet. Though I initially disagreed, I trusted her instincts.

I took a pack home as I always do and assumed I wouldn't burn it until it was way out of season and I was clearing out my stash (which as an incense maker is out of control, always). I left it out for my partner who will often burn incense during the day when they are working from home. He wrote me "Love it. Would burn again.". Well. The next day I burned an incense stick and I was somehow calm and uplifted, truly. I burned another, and another. Before I knew it I had burned 4 incense sticks of Spring.

This is a cleansing incense.

Clean. Bright. Fresh.

Bringing it all together, we couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Written by Kayte