New Moon in Libra - Build Your Own Incense Burner


New moons are an opportunity for new beginnings, and this one is even more inspiring as it’s the first new moon of the fall season, peaking on Sunday, September 25th at 5:54PM EST.

This new moon is in Libra, a cardinal sign, and cardinal signs are all about initiating. Cardinal signs are the zodiac signs that accompany the solstices and equinoxes. In the northern hemisphere Aries signals the start of spring, Cancer summer, Libra fall, and Capricorn winter.

Libra’s key attribute is balance, and as an air sign it’s cerebral and communicative. This is a good time to reflect on where you have been placing your time and energy, and assess if you need to balance the scales a bit between work and downtime, what you are indulging in and what you are avoiding. And then it’s time to harness the cardinal energy and initiate some plans!

Jupiter, the planet of abundance and good fortune, sits opposite this new moon in Libra, so even with Mercury in retrograde at the moment, it’s a powerful force of positivity. Libra is also ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, so if you have been working a lot maybe it’s time to balance the scales and initiate some romance.

It may also be time to balance the scales by starting up that exercise routine again if you’ve been having a bit too much couch time, make the time to connect with friends if you have been silent for a while, or start that creative project you've been thinking about and invigorate your mind. Whatever it is, make a move and get started.

Remember, you have the power to initiate a new beginning at any time, but why not take this opportunity with the extra celestial surge to intensify your motivation!


A little creative project can go a long way in terms of balancing the scales between work and play. That was not intended to rhyme, but we stand by the sentiment! We are very fortunate at Floré that our work allows those creative opportunities. Small business owners do it all - which is exhausting but never dull…yes, another rhyme, but it’s true. We not only make the incense and send it out, but we also get to create new fragrance combinations and incense related content.  

Not everyone has that creative outlet in their job, so it can be very challenging to find the time and energy for a mood boosting creative project. Building your own incense burner is a fun way to spark a little creativity and bring your unique style to your incense burning experience. And it doesn’t take that long or require much cost or effort.

Incense burners are often referred to as incense holders or ashcatchers. We like to call them burners here at Floré, and while ashcatcher sounds nice, it has been our experience that not many of the typical incense burners are very good at catching the ashes. Not only will your DIY incense burner be completely original and inexpensive, (if not free), it will be very effective at containing the ashes from incense burning.

You can use a cup, a mug, a jar, a shell, a dish - pretty much any heat resistant item that allows for you to fill it with enough sand, dirt or small pebbles to place an incense cone on, or push an incense stick into and have it remain upright. You can add some marbles or other heat resistant items on top of the sand/dirt/pebbles for an extra creative flare.

It’s that easy, you have just made your very own totally unique incense burner! It’s a great way to repurpose a favourite mug or tea cup, maybe the handle broke, or there is a chip, but you do not want to part with it. Putting a plant in it will only last for so long, but an incense burner is a great way to honour your old, broken or odd piece of glassware.

Fragrantly Yours,

Kayte & Kristi

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