New Moon in Pisces

A time for healing through joy:

The new moon will peak in Pisces on Monday February 20th at 2:09 AM EST. Pisces is the final constellation the sun moves through in the zodiac calendar year.

A water symbol ruled by Neptune, Pisces energy is intensely empathetic, spiritual and creative. The intense empathetic energy that comes with this new moon encourages healing, both physical and psychological.

Creativity is also heightened making it an excellent time to start a project that requires imagination. Pay close attention to your dreams during the new moon in Pisces as they may reveal creative inspiration or the root of psychological stressors.

Represented by two fish, each facing opposite directions, Pisces also represents the dual nature of opening the heart and mind, the risk and the reward. It can be fulfilling, and it can be draining. Set your boundaries so you do not become consumed by the depths.

Let yourself heal by being kind and forgiving to yourself, and make sure you do something that will bring you joy on this new moon in Pisces. You will then have the capacity to give your best to the people and projects that matter.

New moon fragrances to inspire joy:

The new moon in Pisces peaks early Monday morning, making this weekend a great time to ride the wave of empathetic and creative Pisces energy and do something that brings you joy and allows you to recharge.

It can be as simple as watching a movie, ordering in dinner, taking some time to read, enjoying a glass of wine, exercising, socializing - whatever it is, do something that brings you joy this weekend.

Incense can add an extra level of sensory enjoyment to whatever you are doing, and we have a few subtle, warming incense fragrances to encourage joyful vibes.

No jasmine fragrance is exactly alike. That seems to be the case for teas, perfumes, candles and incense. Perhaps this is because there are around 200 species of jasmine, which are part of the olive family.

Flore’s Jasmine incense has a sweet and fruity floral fragrance. Our Jasmine incense is available in packages of 20 incense sticks.

Amber can refer to several things: the fossilised tree resin used in jewellery; ‘ambergris’ which comes from the digestive systems of sperm whales and was used in perfumery; and the fragrance created from the resin labdanum.

Labdanum is often combined with other oils to create the full, warm, powdery and sweet scent we call Amber. Flore’s Amber incense is available in packages of 20 incense sticks.

Written by Kristi