New Moon in Scorpio

Get ready to feel the sting:

The new moon will peak at 6:49AM EST on October 25th. This new moon is also a partial solar eclipse in Scorpio, bringing an intense energy that is going to shake things up a bit.

Scorpio is the darkest of the water signs, and by that we mean Scorpio is a sign that confronts the painful and seeks deep truths. Scorpio energy is highly intuitive, brave, and willing to look at pain as a means to learn. This is a time to reflect on what is causing you grief, what thoughts or ideas are weighing you down, and giving yourself time to sit in the discomfort.

This does not mean you need to torture yourself as you reel in mental anguish, you can eaily achieve that by reading your newsfeed. Instead, surround yourself with the simple things that bring you comfort and joy as you contemplate your pain points during this new moon. A familiar incense fragrance is an excellent way to provide a feeling of safety as you challenge your psyche and confront that which is causing you distress.

You can choose whatever brings you joy, or select an incense with a name and artwork that you find captures the feeling of security you want to embrace. Floré's Protection incense features a crow on the artwork, which we chose as crows are revered across many cultures as symbols of adaptability, intelligence and intuitive abilities.

Other incense fragrances that you may find comforting are simple single notes such as vanilla, lavender or sage. Floré carries all of these familiar fragrances as incense, and many more. So find your comfort fragrance, light a stick of incense this new moon, and feel your pain. Scorpio promises the sting will only last for a bit, but the lessons will be worth it.

New Moon Project:
Hallowe'en Incense Burner

Creativity is an excellent outlet for emotional pain, so if you are feeling the Scorpio sting and want a little pick-me-up, this pre-Hallowe’en new moon is the perfect opportunity for a little project. We have shown you how to make your own incense burner out of your favourite mug or jar, but you can also make a great temporary incense burner out of a pumpkin.

Jack-o-lanterns are not just for candles, they are also great incense burners! Fragrant incense smoke streaming from a carved pumpkin adds an extra spooky esthetic. You may opt to have your incense cone or stick share the space with a candle, or just use incense, the choice is yours.

Pumpkins make for a naturally heat resistant incense burner. Incense sticks can easily be pressed into the base of the pumpkin after you have hollowed it out. If you need to, you can trim the stick to fit, or use incense cones. The damp pumpkin flesh will extinguish the incense ember once it makes contact, making it very safe to use.

We love using little pumpkins for incense cone burners, and larger taller ones for the incense sticks. Happy Hallowe'en!

Written by Kristi