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New retail site launch!

We did it! After months of tinkering during the small windows of time we could steal to work on this site we are live! Thank you to everyone for your feedback and support. <3


  • Posted by Julie Leclerc on

    J’ai reçu ma commande rapidement! l’expérience magasinage en ligne sur votre site fut facile! Des encens de qualité qui brûlent lentement et des senteurs boisés,naturelles et parfaitement parfumé! Je recommande fortement les encens floré!

  • Posted by marie wales on

    I have used Flore incense on and off over the years. I never burned anything else when I did not have. Flore is worth the wait. I found a half of a bag of Flore incense with some keepsakes. These sticks must have been in the bag for about 9-10 years. I am burning one now. The scent has faded a bit, but I am not complaining.

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