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We're now compostable and it feels so gooooood!

We are so excited to announce the launch of our new, compostable packaging. Manufactured in Burlington, Ontario our new packaging is made of renewable resources and is part of our ongoing initiative to reduce waste, become more sustainable and support the local economy. We thank you for your support through this transition and beyond! 


  • Posted by Len on

    AMAZING!! I was just commenting on this the other day – how disappointing it is when you open a pack of incense with a plastic liner on the inside and how I need to find incense in either recyclable or biodegradable packaging. THANK YOU for your conscientiousness and support of Momma Earth!! You’ve made a very happy customer out of me.

  • Posted by Lindsey on

    I am SO happy you changed your packaging! Flore is my favourite incense but I had been feeling very conflicted about how your previous plastic package did not align with my values of caring for and stewarding the earth. Thank you for making sustainable choices to put people and the planet first 💚 can’t wait to receive my first order in your new compostable packaging!

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