Incense Burners

We carry a variety of incense burners, also known as incense holders or ashcatchers.

 Incense burners hold the incense stick or cone and provide a surface to catch the ashes. Styles of incense burners available change regularly, and colours and designs will vary.

Discover Fragrance

Let these icons be your guide
A simple outline of a tree, drawn in purple.


Campfire comfort with the scents of familiar trees
A simple outline of a braid of sweetgrass and sage leaves, drawn in purple.


Fresh green perfumes carried on a cool breeze
A simple outline of peppercorns and cinnamon sticks, drawn in purple.


Unique and distinct aromas that bring a little zest
A simple outline of a flower, drawn in purple.


An array of elegant of bouquets from delicate to bold
A simple outline of honey dripping off a honeycomb, drawn in purple.


Soft sugary fragrances that warm the soul
A simple outline of a whole and sliced lemon, drawn in purple.


The tart and delicious sweetness of citrus and berries

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