A collection of our favourite scents to burn outside

Garden Party Collection

Cedar - Jasmine - Vetiver - Tobacco

Summer is here!

Full Buck Moon in Capricorn

July 21st

Floré will be closed July 26 to August 5. Orders received after midnight on July 25th will ship on August 6th.

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A simple outline of a tree, drawn in purple.


Campfire comfort with the scents of familiar trees
A simple outline of a braid of sweetgrass and sage leaves, drawn in purple.


Fresh green perfumes carried on a cool breeze
A simple outline of peppercorns and cinnamon sticks, drawn in purple.


Unique and distinct aromas that bring a little zest
A simple outline of a flower, drawn in purple.


An array of elegant of bouquets from delicate to bold
A simple outline of honey dripping off a honeycomb, drawn in purple.


Soft sugary fragrances that warm the soul
A simple outline of a whole and sliced lemon, drawn in purple.


The tart and delicious sweetness of citrus and berries

Handmade in Toronto, Ontario since 1982

Our incense is direct-burning and made with natural ground bamboo, and a mix of natural and synthetic fragrance oils that are formulated to burn safely as incense. For more details please read our FAQs.

Flore incense sticks

Each package of incense sticks contains 20, 10 inch long bamboo sticks that will burn for approximately 45 - 60 minutes. Floré incense sticks are available in 27 different fragrances, in addition to seasonal incense stick blends. 

Flore incense cones

Each package of incense cones contains 20, 1 inch high, ½ inch base incense cones that will burn for approximately 20 minutes. Floré incense cones are available in 9 different fragrances. 

Incense burners

Floré Canadian Incense has an array of incense burners available for purchase online. Incense burners are designed to both hold the incense and catch the incense ashes while it burns. Incense burners are also referred to as incense holders or ash catchers.

Existential Hippy Burners are one of a kind and handmade in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. All other incense burners are imported and styles will change based on supplier inventory. 

Hand-dipped in Toronto since 1982Locally sourced packaging and materialsFiercely independent