About Floré

About Floré

Feb 09, 2023Kristi

Our Philosophy

Do what you do & burn incense too

At Floré we believe that fragrance is intensely personal. We want you to feel free to use Floré incense for whatever purposes you find meaningful.

Whether it is for relaxation, ritual, or simply to change the scent of your space, Floré Canadian Incense offers an array of fragrance profiles to suit your preferences.


Floré Canadian Incense also carries a variety of incense burners, also known as incense holders or ashcatchers.


Our Story

Igniting meaningful moods since 1982

Floré Canadian Incense was founded in 1982 by one woman with a passion for fragrance, fulfilling work, and the bravery to be an entrepreneur. She was a deeply private and spiritual person, committed to her calling.

For nearly four decades she handmade all Floré incense. That is a tremendous amount of work, and she did it all with gratitude and a deep sense of purpose.

A long history of wholesale

Floré’s founder wanted to have uninterrupted time in her incense workshop to focus on perfecting her craft, so she did not operate a retail location or engage in ecommerce.

Instead she focused on supporting Canadian small businesses with a high quality, handmade incense available for wholesale.

She promoted her incense at trade shows where independent gift shops, metaphysical stores, and health food stores would become loyal customers.

Many of those initial wholesale customers still carry Floré Canadian Incense 40 years later.

A new beginning

In 2019, after 37 years of making incense by hand, the founder retired and sold Floré Canadian Incense to the two women who had been apprenticing with her for several months.

Best friends from college, and burnt out from their corporate careers, Kayte and Kristi could not be more grateful for the opportunity to work with their hands making incense that brings people joy.

Handmade in Canada

Floré Canadian Incense is handmade in Toronto Ontario, Canada. Our workshop is not open to the public. See FAQ for details.

Written by Kristi

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