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Are you looking for a reliable incense supplier?

Look no further! Flore Canadian Incense is a long standing, reliable incense supplier specializing in small batch, hand-dipped incense sticks and cones. Bring zen into your line-up and support a local Canadian incense distributor and manufacturer.

Floré Canadian Incense has been an independent incense supplier for over 40 years.

Founded in 1982, Flore was built on the vision of local, high quality handmade wholesale incense. Our founder wanted to have uninterrupted time in her incense workshop to focus on perfecting her craft, and creating the best incense possible.


Rather than opening a retail store, she Instead focused on supporting Canadian small businesses with a high quality, handmade incense available to buy wholesale. She promoted her incense at trade shows where independent gift shops, metaphysical stores, and health food stores would become loyal customers. Many of those initial wholesale customers still carry Floré Canadian Incense 40 years later.


Handmade, hand-dipped, incense sticks


Women owned

Local supply chain

Flore Canadian Incense has a goal of creating and delivering the most sustainable product possible.

Part of that initiative involved localizing our supply chain wherever possible and partnering with like-minded companies who are committed to suppport sustainability in manufacturing.


By Rootree

Burlington, ON


By Aromatics + Flavors Inc.

Scarborough, ON


By CNC Cutting

Etobicoke, ON


Sold in half-dozen bundles for


+ taxes & shipping

($3.15 unit price)

Minimum order of

4 dozen

(8 half dozen budles)

Finalized/paid orders ship every

Tuesday & Thursday

excluding holidays

A wide range of fragrances available for wholesale

We offer a wide range of wholesale incense sticks and cones in fragrances, both traditional and meant to conjure the aromas of our beautiful Canadian landscape. Our selection of bulk incense sticks features high-quality fragrances and are available in large quantities to meet any demand. 

We are a leading incense supplier, offering a wide range of wholesale incense sticks and cones

Wholesale Incense Sticks

Woody, green and familiar

Floral, fresh and bright

Spicy, grassy, herbal

Blends that inspire

Wholesale Incense Cones

Select fragrances

Wholesale Incense Burners


We offer a small variety of incense burners. The holders rotate often based on availability and any collaborations we may have going on. Most are sold in 1/2 dozens, but specialty ones may be sold in smaller quantities.


Best practices for storage & display


purchase in amount your are confident could move within 1 year


display the incense in hot or sunny areas


store incense in damp or humid environments


Counter displays

Our wooden counter top displays are made locally by CNC Cutting Inc. They are made from basic composite wood with a simple assemble-yourself design, instructions will be provided and can be painted or stained to your liking.

Our locally designed and manufactured displays are free with the purchase of 8 dozen wholesale incense sticks, or can be purchased for $45.



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