Campfires: The Original Incense

Campfires: The Original Incense

Jul 10, 2024Flore

There’s something inherently comforting about the scent of a campfire. The crackling of burning wood and the warm, earthy aroma wafting through the air evokes a sense of nostalgia and connection to nature.

Campfires are, in many ways, the original incense, offering an aromatic experience that has been cherished for centuries. Burning fragrant woods dates back to ancient times when civilizations discovered these natural scents' pleasure and spiritual significance.

Today, this ancient practice continues with a modern twist in the form of incense, allowing us to bring a piece of the outdoors into our homes.

Among the various types of incense, fragrant woods hold a special place due to their rich, complex aromas that resonate deeply with our senses.

The aromatic allure of fragrant woods

Fragrant woods such as sandalwood, cedar, pine and cypress have long been used in incense for their distinctive and soothing scents. Each type of wood offers a unique aromatic profile:


With its soft, rich, creamy scent, sandalwood is a favourite in many cultures for its grounding and centring properties. It is believed to promote mental clarity and emotional balance.

As an incense, sandalwood is often a fragrance we recommend as a crowd pleaser for its mild campfire scent qualities.


Known for its warm, woody aroma with a hint of spicy camphor, cedar is used for camping as both a firewood and for cooking dishes such as cedar planked salmon.

Cedar incense can create a calming atmosphere and is associated with purification. It is often used for meditation and relaxation.


Refreshing and crisp, pine is a classic wood fragrance that reminds you of camping in the forest.

Canadian Forest is a pine scented incense that evokes memories of quiet walks through cool forests and smoldering campfires late into the night.


Similar to cedar and pine, but with a dark balsamic base mingled with cool mint, cypress is another coniferous tree known for its distinct fragrance.

Take a walk in the woods with our forest themed incense collection

We have curated the Walk in the Woods incense collection to capture the essence of these fragrant wood aromas. This collection is designed to bring the enchanting experience of a woodland stroll into your home, offering a sensory escape to the great outdoors.

Whether you prefer the cool freshness of pine in our Canadian Forest incense, the vapourous and minty qualities of our Cedar or Cypress, resinous Frankincense, or creamy, subtle Sandalwood, you can find them all in this woodland-inspired incense collection.

We love the woods so much that we combined pine, cedar and cypress to create our Evergreen incense blend, our tribute to the wilderness and all that it provides.

Embrace the aromatic journey of a campfire with incense

Burning wood scented incense is more than just enjoying a pleasant campfire aroma; it’s about creating an atmosphere of tranquillity and connection to nature.

Whether you want to unwind after a long day, meditate, or enjoy the comforting scent of the wood fragrances offer the perfect aromatic escape. And unlike campfire smoke, we promise this incense won’t mysteriously follow you around the house!

Campfires have long been a source of comfort and connection, and with our variety of wood scented incense fragrances you can recreate that experience in your home. Explore the aromatic richness of fragrant woods and let their familiar scents transport you to a wilderness retreat.

Written by Flore


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