Funny Incense Misspellings

Funny Incense Misspellings

May 24, 2024Flore

The hilarious world of incense misspellings

Let's face it: "incense" isn't the easiest word to spell. Whether you're a seasoned incense enthusiast or a newbie just dipping your nose into the aromatic offerings, you've probably stumbled over its spelling at least once.

Don't worry, you're not alone! This post is dedicated to all those who can't spell "incense" and to bring a little laughter to your day. 

Incense or insense? The struggle is real

First up, we have "insense." It looks almost right, but nope, it's not quite there. Imagine typing "insense" into your search bar and wondering why you aren't getting the results you expected.

Although, you will see Flore show up for this misspelling of incense, something we find funny, which lead to the idea for this post. Even the algoritm knows incense can be tough to spell.

Incence: the sneaky one

Next, there's "incence." This one is a real sneaky misspelling. Just one tiny letter off, but it makes a big difference. You might think it looks right, but unfortunately, even though it's not lighting up our spell-check radar, it’s still not spelled correctly.

Inscense: adding extra letters for fun

Then we have "inscense." Adding an extra 's' doesn't make it more special; it just makes it more wrong! This version sounds like a fancy new fragrance brand, but it’s just a common misspelling.

Inscence: a common twist

"Inscence" is yet another twist in the tale of misspellings. It’s like a blend of all the previous errors rolled into one. It almost feels like an adventure trying to figure out the correct spelling of this!

For all those who cannot spell incense...

This post is for you, our dear friends, who can't spell "incense." We feel your pain and are here to tell you it’s okay. Whether you’re searching for “incence,” “insense,” or “inscense,” just remember, you’re seeking that delightful, fragrant stick that brings peace and joy. And hey, if you end up with a few giggles along the way, that’s even better.

Misspelling "incense" is more common than you might think, giving us a good laugh. So next time you light up your favourite "insense," take a moment to chuckle at the wonderful world of typos. At Flore we embrace the joy of sometimes getting it wrong – because it makes getting it right much sweeter.

Feeling overwhemled by all the wrong ways to spell incense?

We’re here for all your "incense" needs – we promise we know how to spell it! And if you are feeling a bit stressed after all this talk of misspellings, why not try our Soothing collection? This six package collection of incense fragrances were all selected for their relaxing scent qualities.

Written by Flore


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