Incense Sticks

Our incense sticks are 10" in length with 20 incense sticks in each package.

The incense sticks are made of ground bamboo "punk" pressed onto a bamboo stick and will burn for approximately 45 minutes. We hand dip the incense sticks in fragrance oils and package all our incense here in our workshop.

Our fragrance oils are supplied by Aromatics & Flavors Inc in Scarborough Ontario. Do not burn incense unattended.

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A simple outline of a tree, drawn in purple.


Campfire comfort with the scents of familiar trees
A simple outline of a braid of sweetgrass and sage leaves, drawn in purple.


Fresh green perfumes carried on a cool breeze
A simple outline of peppercorns and cinnamon sticks, drawn in purple.


Unique and distinct aromas that bring a little zest
A simple outline of a flower, drawn in purple.


An array of elegant of bouquets from delicate to bold
A simple outline of honey dripping off a honeycomb, drawn in purple.


Soft sugary fragrances that warm the soul
A simple outline of a whole and sliced lemon, drawn in purple.


The tart and delicious sweetness of citrus and berries

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