Flore Canadian Incense

Spring Fling Incense Collection

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The Spring Fling incense collection captures the fresh and fragrant scents of the season. For those who love the classic flowers of spring we have included Lilac, Rose and Sandal-Rose incense. Bliss brings the bright and fruity scents of lemon and raspberry, while our Rain incense freatures a unique fresh, green floral fragrance. Our limited time Spring blend rounds out the collection with a combination of lemon, bergamot and cedar, the perfect fragrance to accompany spring cleaning.

The Spring Fling incense collection contains one package of Lilac, Rose, Sandal-Rose, Bliss, Rain and Spring incense. Each package contains 20 incense sticks. No substitutions. Our quality handmade incense sticks will burn for approximately 45 minutes. Do not burn incense unattended.