Burn, Uninterrupted. 

Burn, Uninterrupted. 

Sep 09, 2021Kayte Young

Since the beginning, Flore has been all about delivering quality fragrances that uplift, relax, and create the right ambiance. We take this commitment to quality very seriously as we ask ourselves, how can we possibly make a good thing better? 

This question led us to explore ways we can reduce our footprint as a company. Last year we overhauled our packaging, working with a local supplier experimenting with both recyclable and compostable packaging options, and we will continue on this path as new compostable materials come on the scene. We got the ball rolling on packaging, so next we looked to the stick.

During our research, we discovered that a common pain-point among incense lovers is when their sticks unexpectedly burn out too soon. We know from making them and packaging them, you can’t always tell the cause, though in many cases it’s that the punk has crumbled away from the core so there is nothing for the heat to latch onto. We realized that we would be able to improve the quality of our sticks for a better burn if we switched to a machine-milled stick, instead of hand-pressed. Not only do the sticks burn better, but they also offer a more consistent size, weight, look and feel. This makes counting and packing go a lot faster, allowing us to keep up with demand while creating a lot less spoilage -- Win-win!

We recently tested the new stick with our seasonal scents. If you purchased either our Spring Lilac fragrance or our popular Summer Cypress, Sweetgrass and Vetiver blend, you may have seen the difference. We will gradually make this transition to our other scents as new batches are mixed. 

This was a very natural next step for us as a company as we strive to bring you the best possible experience with a long, lingering uninterrupted burn that you can count on. 

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