Fall in Love with Our Autumn Incense

Fall in Love with Our Autumn Incense

Oct 25, 2021Kayte Young

“And the sun took a step back, and the leaves lulled themselves to sleep, and autumn was awakened.” – Raquel Franco

The crisp breeze kisses blushing leaves that fall dizzy to the ground, blanketing sidewalks that crunch with the soundtrack of autumn. Who doesn’t love sweater weather? Cozy knits, hats and mitts, rosy cheeks and a gradual gear-up towards the holiday season. In fact, the changing of the seasons got us thinking about winter soon on its way, and so we naturally found ourselves one step (or one season) ahead as we waxed on about our plans for Floré’s winter incense blend. In the meantime, autumn is where we’re at, and so we found ourselves backtracking to come up with something good for pumpkin spice season – that’s not pumpkin spice. 

Autumn is the season of the harvest. So, we decided to gather up all the good things we already had available in our Danforth workshop instead of looking to outside sources for new scents. From there, we managed to mix up some magic with an inspired improvisation that really captures the essence of fall’s coziness. We got things started with creamy vanilla. Sweet yet sexy, vanilla is a comforting scent that snuggles the senses. Next, we turned to sweet orange to bring a punch of vibrancy. Juicy and joyful, sweet orange delivers a different dash of sweetness, true to its name. To tip the scales and warm things up a bit, we complimented the blend with a spicy sprinkle of cinnamon. After some thoughtful experimentation, we are very satisfied with the result!

Most would agree that autumn is all about balance, as it embodies that beautiful transition between the two extremes of summer and winter. We can’t help but feel that our limited edition seasonal incense reflects just that -- combining the spicy heat of summer with the seasonal sweetness of the holidays. It’s not unusual to hear folks claim that autumn is their favourite season, and we’re hopeful they’ll have some love to share for our autumn scent as well. 

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