Flower Power Incense Collection

Flower Power Incense Collection

May 10, 2024Flore

Unleash the aroma of spring with the Flower Power incense collection

Spring is in the air, and what better way to embrace this season of renewal than with our Flower Power incense collection? Designed for the floral aroma enthusiast, this collection brings the essence of blooming gardens into your living space.

What fragrances are a part of the Flower Power incense collection?

Each fragrance in the Flower Power incense collection is a gateway to a world where floral scents reign supreme. This incense collection features a captivating blend of familiar single note favourites and unique incense blends that will pique any floral fragrance lover's interest.

Abundance incense blend

Our Abundance incense blends the rich scents of rose with spicy clove, sweet plum, and a hint of tangerine, complemented by deeper notes of sandalwood, musk, and warm vanilla. This luxurious combination inspires feelings of gratitude and prosperity. Light an Abundance incense stick to evoke images of bounty and beauty, opening pathways to new opportunities and positivity.

Cleansing incense blend

Cleansing incense offers a serene blend of soothing lavender and smooth sandalwood, creating a purifying atmosphere that refreshes the space and the spirit. Ideal for rejuvenating any room, this incense calms the mind and prepares your environment for new energy, inviting clarity and tranquillity with every burn. A refreshing and calming incense perfect for a breakfast burn.

Rose incense

The timeless symbol of love and passion, the rose comes alive in this exquisite incense. Each stick of Rose incense releases the rich, familiar aroma of blooming roses, enveloping the space with an uplifting and elegant fragrance that rejuvenates the mind and enhances any setting.

Jasmine incense

Our Jasmine incense captures the enchanting aroma of jasmine flowers bathed in moonlight, offering a sweet, delicate fragrance that uplifts and soothes. Ideal for moments of deep reflection or a romantic setting, this incense enhances the atmosphere with its relaxing and sensuous qualities.

Lilac incense

Our Lilac incense embodies the essence of spring with its sweet, powdery fragrance accented by a hint of fresh green. Each stick is a gateway to the season of lilac bloom, filling your surroundings with springtime's delightful and refreshing aroma. Lilac incense brings the joyful scent of spring indoors, any time of the year.

Lavender incense

Renowned for its soothing effects, our Lavender incense offers a fresh, cool floral scent with a hint of spice. This incense fragrance is perfect for relaxation and creating a peaceful environment, an ideal companion for self-care rituals and fosters calmness in any setting.

Give the gift of floral serenity

The Flower Power incense collection is the perfect gift for the lover of floral fragrances, or as a treat for yourself - it's an accessible luxury that keeps on giving. All of our incense collections cost less than if you were to purchase each fragrance separately.

Visit our Flower Power incense collection to bring a piece of this aromatic paradise into your home or to gift it to a loved one.

Embrace the transformative power of fragrance with our Flower Power iIncense collection—your senses will thank you!

Quality incense and local suppliers

Handmade and packaged in Toronto since 1982, Flore incense sticks are known for their long burn time of approximately 45 minutes. We continue to evolve our packaging to limit enviromental impact and are currently testing compostable packaging.

We endeavour to support other local businesses wherever we can within our supply chain. Our fragrance oils are provided by Aromatics + Flavors Inc. in Scarborough Ontario, our packaging is printed by RooTree in Burlington Ontario, and our boxes are supplied by Planet Paper in Concord Ontario.

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