Full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus

The Beaver Moon will peak in fullness at 6:02AM EST on Tuesday November 8th 2022. The moon is named for the time of year when beavers are finishing their preparations for winter and retreating into their lodges. It is also known as the Deer Rutting Moon, Whitefish Moon, Frost Moon or Freezing Moon.

This is a particularly intense full moon, also known as a Blood Moon, due to the reddish appearance as a result of being in the shadow of the earth - in other words, a total lunar eclipse. This will be the last full lunar eclipse observed from North America until March 2025.

Lunar eclipses are considered to be intense catalysts for change. The energy is dramatic and unique, and it’s time to take advantage of this burst before the winter comes. In Taurus, an earth sign that craves beauty and creature comforts, this is a time to focus on your surroundings - your home, work, and wardrobe. If things need a boost, now is the time to make a bold decision and go with it.

Being bold does not mean to act without thought; now is not the time to be frivolous with your resources, you need to be strategic. Bold means acting with confidence: in knowing yourself, your limits, your true desires, and being unconcerned about what others will think. Your choices may raise a few eyebrows, but you are not making decisions about how you maintain the space around you for the sake of others.

Be true to yourself and make a bold decision this full moon.  

Reconnect with your needs

It is difficult to be bold if you do not know what you want. That type of disconnection from your true desires can happen in a busy life filled with obligations. It can be easy to put the needs of others, whether it’s family or work related, ahead of your own needs to the point where even thinking about what you want seems self-indulgent.

If taking a break, buying yourself a little something you really want, or giving yourself some self care seems like an indulgence right now, it’s a sign you may have taken your tendencies toward people-pleasing and self sacrificing a bit too far. As they say, get off the cross, we need the wood.

Fragrance is a great way to reconnect with your inner world and true desires. Our sense of smell is linked closely to memory and can be a powerful force in awakening our suppressed needs. Incense can provide not only the fragrance experience that may help you relax and reconnect, but the visual experience of watching incense smoke billow and curl upward can be very soothing and almost hypnotic.

We enjoy watching incense smoke for the relaxing effect, but it’s also fun to look for images in the smoke, similar to finding images in clouds. Watching the smoke is very soothing and helps you focus. It may be just the exercise you need to relax your mind and get yourself into a state where you feel comfortable thinking about you and what you need.

Take some time during this intense lunar eclipse full moon and watch the incense smoke rise. You never know what you might see in the smoke.

Written by Kristi


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