New Moon in Aquarius

Move forward with confidence:

New Moon in Aquarius

It’s the first new moon of 2023, and a great time to kick start some new thinking and positive habits, especially if you are feeling the January blues. The new moon will peak at 3:55PM EST on Saturday January 21st.

This kicks off Aquarius season, an air sign that brings analytical and progressive energy. Aquarius is also ruled by the planet Uranus, which is associated with rebellion and innovation.

This new moon is about moving forward with confidence. To do so, this will take some quiet thought about the future - not just what you desire, but planning out what you need to start putting in place now to reach your goals long term. These goals can relate to both practical and emotional matters.

Take the time this new moon to really think about the future you want. Who do you want in it? It may be time to take a different approach with certain people in your life if relationships feel strained. It may be time to repair, but it could also be time to set new boundaries or let go altogether.

Think about your space and what you want to keep and what you want to remove. Take the opportunity to really think about your possessions and what you actually want to see around you in the future. Start decluttering now, and you will be surprised at how much lighter you feel.

What about your finances? Are you spending more than you are saving? Where do you want to be next year, in five years, in a decade? What can you start doing right now to help achieve that?

It’s the little changes, the small savings month by month that can create a foundation for your future. Start doing it now.

The new moon in Aquarius wants you to move forward. Take the time to be analytical about your current state, and then embrace the future with confidence.

Follow your Guidance:

Thinking about the future can be daunting, especially in what feels like turbulent times. Creating a relaxing environment can be very beneficial when pondering what you may find stressful, allowing you to see things more clearly.

Incense can contribute to creating that relaxing environment as a form of aromatherapy. On this new moon in Aquarius we recommend burning one of Floré’s most popular incense fragrances, Guidance.

Guidance incense is a blend that includes cedar, sage and sweetgrass. You may be familiar with this incense fragrance, but know it by its previous name, Native Smudge. To learn all about why we changed the name, you can read about it here. 

Floré’s Guidance incense is available in packages of 20 incense sticks or 20 incense cones.

Sage advice:

Sage is a key ingredient in Guidance incense, but is also a fragrance that is very popular on its own. Distinctive and earthy, sage incense is commonly used in rituals and meditation practices.

At Floré we believe in being as sustainable as possible, so we use Clary Sage as opposed to White Sage  in our incense. Clary Sage is readily available, but White Sage is becoming overharvested.

Floré’s Sage incense is available in packages of 20 incense sticks or 20 incense cones.

Written by Kristi